Microsoft’s Free Mail-back Program

Welcome to Microsoft’s free Mail-back Program. Microsoft’s program is operated by TES, which will ensure that eligible products (*) are managed and recycled in an environmentally sound manner that complies with all applicable laws and regulations. Please follow the instructions below for non-eligible products (**).

(*) Eligible products: You may use this program to return Microsoft branded products and packaging for such products.

(**) Non-eligible-products: Non-Microsoft branded products; products containing Cathode Ray Tubes; mercury containing lamps or expanded; or swollen lithium-ion batteries are not eligible for this program. Please recycle such products through local electronic recycling programs.

Microsoft’s Mail-back Program is free to consumers. One eligible product per return only. If you have several eligible products to return, mail them back individually.

Once you submit eligible products to TES via this program, you agree to relinquish and waive all ownership or privacy interests in the products and any data contained therein. There is a two-day period during which a return request can be cancelled, but once eligible product is submitted to TES via the program, the eligible product is not returnable to you under any circumstances.

Microsoft and its partner TES are not responsible for any data that remain on products returned through this program. Prior to submitting products to TES through this program, it is your responsibility to transfer any data stored on the internal hard drives of the products to another external storage device (if you wish to preserve that data) and delete any data that remains on the internal hard drives of the submitted products. Additionally, it is recommended that you check and confirm that no data remains on the products prior to using this program.

Microsoft and its partner, TES, disclaim any and all liability associated with your use of this program associated with the product that you return and the data that may remain on any returned product.

If you have any questions about this program, please send an email to

Shipping a product containing a rechargeable battery

If the product you are returning through this program contains a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, please assess the condition of the product. If the product shows evidence of damage that demonstrates that the internal lithium-ion battery may be swollen, corroded, punctured, or leaking, then the eligible product cannot be shipped through this program due to shipping regulations. Please use local recycling options for such products.

Return a product for recycling

Please click the “Return Request Form” button below, if you would like to proceed to return a product for recycling using this program.

Before you proceed, please read the following documents carefully:

return request form